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What's New In Technology at Ramirez CSD

  1. Security Cameras are running and recording around the campus 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  2. New bus cameras are now recording just in case something happens during a ride on all three buses.
  3. Distant Learning Equipment is now set up in the cafeteria so that classes can participate in Educational Service Center activities.
  4. A grant was awarded to Ramirez that will provide a laptop to all students in the upper grades.
  5. Library check out computer and server are up and running.
  6. All campus computers have been upgraded from Windows 2000 to Windows XP, and virus protection software has been added as well as spyware software.
  7. New website for Ramirez has provided new email for all staff members.
  8. Accelerated Reading and Compass Learning is now available in all class computers.
  9. New computers from Grant are installed in the upper classes. Each class received 3 new Dell Computers.
  10. Dell laptops from the grant are being worked on but these are classroom cart laptops that are to be used in school and it is undecided if students will be able to check them out to take home for projects on different occations. If they are parent responsiblity forms will have to be signed by parents in case a computer is stolen and broken. The parents will have to be responsilbe for the laptop if it is checked out. This is still being discussed.
  11. New Servers have been installed for Compass Learning and the main DNS/DHCP computer which also holds RSCCC and other important business software.