About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Ramirez Elementary School in partnership with students, parents, staff, and community members is to provide a nurturing, motivating, and an academically positive environment where all are encouraged to believe, achieve, and succeed. Our goal is to ensure learning opportunities for students to develop into life-long problem solvers, to achieve the standards of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills successfully, and to reach their highest potential as future responsible and productive citizens in the real world.

Vision Description

Ramirez Elementary, together with board members, district/campus staff, students, parents, and community will work as a team in a trusting education environment of learning that understands the needs of the community and resolves around the student. Teachers will be facilitators of learning who are proactive about meeting the needs of their students and challenge them to reach his/her fullest potential. Students will recognize and accept the responsibility to learn and to do their best in school. Parent and community volunteers will mentor students and share their professional and personal expertise. Our campus will be safe, orderly, and drug free.

Belief Statement

  • We believe that educating the child is our primary goal as educators.
  • We believe that all students can learn and become responsible, productive citizens.
  • We believe that positive self-esteem is the foundation of success.
  • We believe that children have worth and are valued for their differences.
  • We believe high expectations cultivate high achievement.
  • We believe that teacher reflection and continued assessment of programs are vital for effectively enhancing the academic learning environment.
  • We believe that the environment must be positive and safe for learning to occur.
  • We believe that it takes a community to build the foundation of learning.