Superintendent's Message


Lydia Leal

Ramirez Common School District

Superintendent's Message 8/24/2015

The new school year is under way. I hope that you had an enjoyable summer and I want to personally welcome you back.

To open school it takes the efforts of many. I say thank you on behalf of our students who will be challenged, engaged and prepared for their tomorrows during the 2015/16 school year. It's an exciting time for students, parents, and educators. A quality education does not come easily. I encourage the entire school community to be involved in the education of our students.

Students miss a lot when they are absent; it is vital each student is in school daily and on time. Please review our school calendar to familiarize yourself with the days our school are in session or on an altered schedule. Make every effort to not remove students from school for vacations or other activities. Established holiday and spring breaks are strategically placed on our calendar.

Please contact students and school staff quickly and effectively by phone, email, and/or text message. It takes about one hour to call all employees and parents, but text messages are almost instantaneous.

Establish a relationship early with your child's teacher(s). If you have a question or concerns call your child's teacher. If you need assistance or information please call the school office and let our school secretary serve you.

The media talks a lot about bullying, harassment and intimidation in schools; we take these incidents very serious and expect each child will respect the rules of the school, their teachers and the rights of other students. We always want to prepare for the future but not lose sight that our school needs a positive environment in the present. We want our students to look forward to attending our school each and every day. This is best achieved by letting a caring adult know immediately when one of our students is feeling uneasy, intimidated, or harassed.

Open schools mean school buses on the road. The school buses are safe to transport children to and from school, and school-sanctioned events. Motorists approaching a school bus from either direction should remember they are required to stop. Motorists need to plan ahead and allow extra time when schools are open. Always watch out for children walking and never pass a stopped bus.

The media has recently reported the release of State grade cards for districts, Ramirez CSD earned the state's highest rating of "Met Standard."

Our students at Ramirez Elementary are receiving an outstanding education. How do we do it? There is no magical formula or shortcuts. First we align with state standards and then emphasize scientifically supported instructional practices. We pay very close attention to the environment/climate of our school district. Finally professional development is strategically designed around ongoing analysis of our academic data.

We are truly blessed to have great students, a talented staff, and the support of our parents and community. There is much to celebrate regarding our 2015 report card but we must also focus on the future as we continue to raise expectations to achieve even more. Congratulations Ramirez Elementary School.