Emergency Preparedness Information

The Ramirez Common School District has the highest concern for student safety. Thus, we have developed a thorough emergency response plan covering most natural and other emergencies. If you wish to discuss specific concerns or to ask questions, please call the superintendent of school.

As parents, you play an essential role in keeping students safe during an emergency. Please consider the following guidelines that are of particular importance to parents in emergencies so that you may help our staff respond effectively to an emergency.

Be prepared for early dismissals.
In some emergencies, such as in inclement weather, school officials will deem it prudent to send students home early. Your child's school will contact you if there will be early dismissal. Please make sure you provide the school's office with up-to-date contact information so that we can easily reach you if there is an early dismissal.

If there is no early dismissal, please do not pick up children from school. 
If you do not learn about an early dismissal, but learn of a school emergency, please do not rush to school to pick up your child. Traffic will block any needed emergency vehicles, and your presence in school buildings during an evacuation may delay the process. Keep in mind that law enforcement will bar parents from school grounds in some emergencies. The safety of our students is paramount to us, and we will reunite students and parents as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please remember that you play an essential role in our efforts to keep students safe.